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I just finished a 60 page essay on 1 Thessalonians. I wrote a brief overview in 2016 but this adds a lot more detail. I have also written a 110 page essay on 1 Timothy and a 45 page essay on Titus.

I have added a 100 page analysis of wokeism and Marxism based upon the material contained in the new discourses website. Wokeism can be understood as an inadequate response by mental networks to partial transformation by technical thought.

A 550 page two part essay on Luke 1-12 has been written that interprets the Gospel of Luke as a detailed prophecy of Western civilization. This complements the 640 page three part essay on the Gospel of Matthew. That essay presents the hypothesis that the Gospel of Matthew can be interpreted symbolically as a detailed prophecy of Western civilization, beginning with the late Roman Empire and then continuing through the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, the Victorian Era, the two World Wars, the Civil Rights Era, the transition to postmodern thought, the rise of modern infrastructure, and continuing into the future. The analysis of Matthew and Luke has also been presented in the form of an academic paper. This same historical sequence can be found in the book of Revelation, and I have also posted a 170 page essay on Revelation 4-11.

A 160 page essay has been written on Matthew 25-28, which appears to be describing the same era in the near future as Acts 1-12. The 380 page two part essay on the first twelve chapters of Acts makes sense as a detailed prophetic description of the near future. The same sequence starting with the Enlightment can be found in Daniel 11-12, and a 130 page essay has been posted. I have not yet reconciled the new essay on Acts with an earlier essay on the book of Hebrews written back in 2018. There is a general agreement between these two but I have not yet tried to match up the timelines.

A description of all essays in blog form can be found on the forum page.