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TeacherThe Teacher Person

This page contains a brief summary of the Teacher person. You can find a more detailed explanation here. There is a lot more information about the typical Teacher person on the previous version of the website.

I have also put together a list of traits comparing the Teacher with the Mercy.

The Teacher person:

1)      Is emotionally driven to learn general theories.

2)      Always wants to know ‘why?’ Rejects information that is uncertain.

3)      Finds the normal feelings of life annoying and tries to escape from them.

4)      Can tease others in order to belittle their feelings and become free from them.

5)      Is able to concentrate on intellectual work.

6)      Enjoys learning for its own sake. Prefers self-motivated learning.

7)      Wants friends who think like he does.

8)      Is capable of truly original thought.

9)      Loves summarizing a thought using exactly the right word or phrase.

10)  Remembers theories but tends to forget specific facts.

11)  Remembers what people have said but has a poor memory for experiences.

The mature Teacher comes to terms with personal feelings and realizes that they can both help to build understanding and be guided by understanding. He stops uses theory as a way of insulating himself emotionally from others, and uses his thinking abilities to bring light to people and situations.

Processing: The Teacher combines analytical, abstract, and emotion. This means that he is continually being reminded of related words and theories, each with an emotional label of generality. These color how he responds to present words and theories. For instance, this explains why the Teacher prefers to learn information from established sources. An established source is associated with Teacher generality; it is given generality by people, institutions and procedures. In contrast, a ‘voice in the wilderness’ is a ‘point source’. In Teacher terms, it has no generality and thus no significance.

The Teacher is able to concentrate on a theory. Conscious thought for him often involves holding on to some piece of a theory and temporarily pretending that it is the most general theory in existence. For instance, Einstein held on to the obscure fact that the speed of light in a vacuum is a constant, and rebuilt all of physics around this single item.

Awareness: Like the Mercy, the Teacher has very little awareness of subconscious thought. He usually does not realize how his theories are influenced by subconscious processing. However, he is also more capable of original abstract thought than anyone else.