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ServerThe Server Person

Here is a brief description of the Server Person.

There is a lot more information about the typical Server person on the previous version of the website.

I have also put together a list of traits comparing the Server with the Perceiver.

The Server person:

1)      Tends to live in the present and likes to work with his hands.

2)      Finds it easy to learn practical skills.

3)      Prefers doing something himself instead of managing others.

4)      Is emotionally stable unless the future is uncertain.

5)      Tends to live in familiar locations and stick with familiar friends.

6)      Likes to converse. Can be quite verbose with friends.

7)      Is not a naturally exciting person, but enjoys being around excitement.

8)      Is naturally trustworthy. Can be relied upon to finish a job.

9)      Is not a flashy person, but carries himself with dignity and elegance.

The mature Server acquires emotional depth. He stops clinging to familiar places and people and starts to use his practical skills to bring order to chaos. He adds understanding to his actions instead of talking about his actions to others.

Processing: The Server combines analytical, concrete and confidence. The Server is reminded of related actions and sequences, each with a label of certainty. These determine how he responds to the present situation. When someone spills some food, for instance, he will instantly respond by cleaning it up, for that is the most obvious Server action to do in that situation. Similarly, he prefers performing actions that have been tried and tested, for they have the most certainty.

The Server is not able to concentrate. The easiest way for him to stop his mind from wandering is to do something with his hands.

Awareness: There is an arrow running from Teacher to Server. The Server person is aware of subconscious Teacher processing. He likes to understand the reason for his actions; he appreciates it when he knows how his actions fit into the general plan. In addition, his actions are naturally graceful because subconscious Teacher thought blends Server responses into a unified whole.