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I presented a two hour introduction to cognitive styles in 2006 to a lay Christian audience in Jerusalem. I have posted this seminar in two parts to YouTube.

Three introductory videos are on YouTube: Two concepts of God, Identity and mental networks, Truth and Belief.

My brother's website is here. He did the initial research on cognitive styles by examining 200 biographies in detail back in the 1980s, and much of his research has been archived on an old version of the website. We worked together for many years to develop the foundations for the theory of mental symmetry. He has adopted a new cognitive model which I think is way too complicated and does not explain enough--but you can decide for yourself.

My brother's website also contains a test for determining cognitive style. Developing such a test is actually very difficult, because one is trying to determine which cognitive module is conscious and not which cognitive module operates the most. I wrote the original version of the test as a Master's project in Lisp back in the 1980s.

Don and Katie Fortune have been giving seminars on cognitive styles since about 1980, and their website is here. I met with them for the first time in 2012. If you do not mind an overtly Christian bias, their three books on cognitive styles provide a good introductory description of the seven different kinds of people. Their descriptions differ from ours in two main ways. First, like most researchers, they do not understand Teacher thought, therefore what they call the Teacher person actually corresponds to what we call the intellectual Contributor person. Second, their description of the Perceiver person portrays what fundamentalist Christianity does to Perceiver thought, and not how the Perceiver person behaves when Perceiver thought is functioning properly.