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NapoleonThe Contributor

Here is a brief summary of the Contributor person. You can find a more detailed explanation of Contributor strategy and its relationship to concrete and abstract thought here. There is a lot more information about the typical Contributor person on the previous version of the website.  

The Contributor person:

1)      Is aware of opportunities. Naturally creative.

2)      Tends to live on the edge where there is excitement but he is still in control.

3)      Enjoys feeling confident, and hates losing control.

4)      Can take great risks if he thinks that ‘all of his bases are covered’.

5)      Is naturally strong-willed. Loves winning. Loathes losing. Finds apologizing hard.

6)      Is very good at coming up with plans. Thinks in terms of the bottom line.

7)      Usually finds it easy to make money. Is naturally attracted to business.

8)      Is bothered by small talk and small expenses.

9)      Gives to those who are in need. Competes with his peers.

10)  Wants to have ‘the right stuff’ and respects others who do.

11)  Keeps his personal life private. Shares it with a few close friends.

12)  Often belittles people or projects which do not share his values.

13)  Is able to focus upon a plan and ignore what is not part of that plan.

The bottom line of the mature Contributor person moves beyond external measures such as money, power and fame to internal qualities such as character and skills. Instead of demeaning that which he does not understand, he learns to value other cognitive styles for the ways in which they can multiply his effectiveness. He no longer treats others as pawns to be controlled, but rather gives them freedom to become his partners.

Processing: The Contributor ties together Perceiver and Server. Contributor processing links each specific Perceiver memory with a specific Server memory. Like the Exhorter, he has two modes of processing. The practical Contributor uses Perceiver facts and Server actions to improve a Mercy bottom line. In this mode, each Perceiver fact is associated with a specific Server action. This type of thinking is illustrated by the Contributor business man. The intellectual Contributor uses Server sentences and Perceiver meaning to improve a Teacher bottom line. Here, each Server sequence has a specific Perceiver meaning. This describes the professor and the theoretician.

The Contributor is able to concentrate on a plan. Anything outside of his current plan is ignored. As a result, the Contributor usually specializes in some area and has a narrow field of expertise.

Awareness: An arrow runs from Exhorter to Contributor. Contributor thought is very aware of Exhorter imagination; it is the source of his drive and creativity. Contributor thought hates to lose control, but Exhorter mode is motivated by excitement. This means that the Contributor person often operates on the edge of potential disaster. The possibility of disaster give energy to subconscious Exhorter thought, while the plans that are developed by the Contributor ensure that disaster never actually strikes.