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MicroscopeConcrete Thought

There are two types of information: abstract and concrete. Concrete information:

  • Focuses upon specifics rather than generalities.
  • Lives in the real world and wants illustrations from the real world.

Mercy and Server thought work with concrete information. This is because of the way in which the physical body interacts with the human mind.

Mercy strategy is programmed by experiences from the physical body. Because Mercy thought gets its primary content from the real world, it thinks in terms of the real world and wants examples from the real world.

Each human lives in a specific physical body. I do not live in your body or our body, but rather my body. A body is a finite object, occupying a specific location at a specific time. Therefore, Mercy strategy focuses primarily upon specifics. Tell him a general principle and he will tend to ask you who you are talking about.

Server strategy is responsible for controlling the physical body. When I perform physical movement, this is being handled by Server mode in my mind. The physical body interacts with the real world.

In addition, a physical body is only capable of carrying out specific movements. I cannot bake a cake in a single step. Instead, I have to carry out the steps of the recipe, doing one specific action at a time.

As computers allow us to visualize increasingly abstract concepts, and as machines make it possible for us to carry out increasingly general tasks, it may be that the distinction between abstract and concrete may begin to blur.