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Server and Perceiver Compared

I suggest that Server and Mercy Perceiver are mirror images of one another. Here is a list of traits from these two persons, illustrating this mental symmetry.

These two sets of traits are related by the following principles of symmetry:

  • Server thought works with sequences; Perceiver thought works with facts.
  • Server strategy expresses itself through action; Perceiver strategy analyzes objects.
  • Server strategy deals mainly with time; Perceiver thought works mainly with space.
  • Server thought is more concrete; Perceiver strategy is more abstract.
  • Server thought handles output—it controls physical movement; Perceiver thought handles input.

Here is the list in table form with the Server trait on the left and the corresponding Perceiver trait on the right. I should mention that some of these comparisons may not be immediately obvious. However, remember that Perceiver is the opposite of Server, and Teacher is the opposite of Mercy.

Server Trait

Perceiver Trait

Learns skills and techniques

Learns facts and information

Good with his hands

Good at facts and maps

Does a task his own way

Works out facts for himself

Does not want to be manipulated

Does not want to be told what to believe

A source of practical stability for others

A source of conviction for others

Doesn’t experiment with a routine if it is working

Doesn’t change truth if it fits

Tends to be a stodgy conservative in his dress

Tends to be a stodgy conservative in his beliefs

Admits readily when he makes mistakes

Admits readily where he was in error

Uses action to resolve the immediate problem in order to restore good Mercy feelings

Uses truth to deal with immediate error in order to restore Teacher understanding

Can detach himself from the physical mess of others

Can detach himself from the intellectual mess of others

Wonders inside why others are so messy with their actions

Wonders inside why others are so messy with their facts

Wants to know how his actions fit into the plan—a Teacher reason for his Server actions

Wants an accurate self image—personal Mercy experiences for his Perceiver facts

Can tolerate repetitive action if it plays a significant part in maintaining Teacher order

Can hold on to truth patiently if it is associated with valuable people or valuable experiences.

Hates to be told empty compliments in order to keep him doing menial tasks

Hates to hold on to truth and then find out that it was either wrong or insignificant

Has a natural classy elegance

Has a strong conscience

Sees easily what action is needed to solve a problem

Easily spots the flaw in a given theory

Looks at a Mercy situation and sees what Server actions could be done

Puns—listens to Teacher communication and sees the possible Perceiver meanings that could apply

Prefers to follows the recipe; does things the way that he was taught

Prefers to accept truth from established and historical sources

Is confident that the recipe will work

Is confident that truth will prevail

Has a strong sense of obedience—following the Teacher words of others

Has a strong sense of duty—allowing conscience to be driven by people with Mercy status

Not a natural leader—using Teacher words to guide Server actions; prefers to do actions himself

Not a natural marketer—using Mercy feelings to determines Perceiver facts; wants facts to speak for themselves

Can procrastinate about learning

Can procrastinate about doing

May not seem very intellectual

May seem rather cold-hearted

Wants Mercy illustrations when taught skills

Wants facts to be packaged in a Teacher theory

Relaxes by talking about the day’s events and actions—Teacher words from Server actions

Relaxes with science fiction and fantasy—Mercy worlds created by Perceiver facts

A good listener

Willing to learn facts from anyone

Likes people to visit and talk

Curious about facts

A real homebody—does his personal Server routines in the same Mercy setting

A natural prophet of God—gains his personal truth from the same universal Teacher theory

Very loyal to his friends

Very loyal to his theories

A good companion—supporting Server actions

A faithful believer—supporting Perceiver truth

Disoriented when there is major personal change

Disoriented when faced with a new theory