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Aliens, Good or Evil?

Over the years, I have encountered a lot of strange ideas from people or groups with whom I would not normally associate. My natural tendency is to reject these people and their ideas. But, I have learned that writing such individuals off as totally wrong is seldom the wisest approach. Instead, I have repeatedly found that the viewpoint of even the craziest person usually contains at least a nugget or two of truth surrounded by a set of false assumptions and self-deceptions. If I could understand the underlying motivation, then I could see why they believed what they did and separate out the kernel of truth from the fruit of deception.

As a Perceiver person, I am strongly tempted to lunge out and attack error with a verbal sledgehammer, and to divide people and truth into ‘us versus them’, with ‘us’ having a monopoly on truth. But, by now, I have learned enough truth from ‘them’ that I am usually able to adopt the more humble attitude of being a servant to truth instead trying to impose it upon others.

A similar principle applies, I suggest, when dealing with the topic of aliens, angels, demons, and UFOs. When I listen to Christians talking about this subject, I agree with most of what they say, and yet their information is often accompanied by an attitude of arrogance and moral superiority that troubles me. On the other hand, when I hear contactees and abductees revealing their strange ‘alien messages’ to mankind, I find that the message often contains more truth than the typical Christian is willing to admit.

In other words, there are two types of errors. First, there is the error of believing the wrong thing. When I hear Christians talk about alien encounters, it appears that they recognize and avoid this error.

However, there is a second error that is more subtle, and I fear that most Christians do not recognize this error. That is the mistake of believing the right thing for the wrong reason. When that happens, the medium ends up twisting the message. In other words, if I believe the right thing for the wrong reason, then my wrong reason will end up warping my right belief in predictable and disastrous ways. I cover this process more thoroughly in my discussion of Christianity.

For instance, I just read a book on Christian politics in which the author asked why it is that so many Christians these days are far more willing to die for their country than they are to die for their faith. When Jesus was on trial and about to be executed, he stated that his kingdom was ‘not of this earth’, and he said more than once that Christians should expect to be persecuted for their beliefs. And yet, for many Christians today, their kingdom is very much of this world and they are more than willing to march into other countries and slaughter ‘them’ in great numbers. In contrast, Jesus taught in the parable of the good Samaritan that it is the duty of the Christian to love ‘them’ and not just ‘us’.

Thus, we find many who profess to hold on to the Christian faith are acting in ways that are diametrically opposite to the path that was both taught and demonstrated by Jesus, the founder of Christianity. Those are the people that I fear will use Christian words and Biblical quotes to condemn angels and embrace demons.

Let me explain why.

General Principles

1) What is universal truth? The Bible believer will say that it is truth that comes from the Holy Bible. That sounds good, but what happens if I believe in this book and you do not? Then, I am right and you are wrong, and I need to teach you where you are wrong and I am right. From there it is only a few short steps to me pointing a gun at your head and forcing you to believe the truth, or me putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger in righteous indignation because you refuse to believe the truth.

Do you see how the method has destroyed the message? What I know may actually be the truth. But, if I believe it for the wrong reason, then I will end up violating Jesus’ core message of peace and love.

The other approach is to realize that universal truth is truth that is universal; it is a principle that applies everywhere. Thus, the law of gravity is universal truth because it applies everywhere. If I really believe that such universal truth exists, then I will search for it, and try to see how it applies in my situation, your situation, and their situation.

Notice that this is totally different than saying that you and I all already know the truth. The law of gravity is universal truth because it applies universally. But, if a person does not believe in the law of gravity, then he is wrong, and he does not know universal truth. But, how should he be corrected? By hitting him over the head with the stick of truth? No, instead he should be shown examples where truth does apply.

2) What does it mean to doubt the word of God? For the Christian who blindly believes in the Holy Bible, it means losing my religious fervor and starting to accept truth from non Biblical sources.

But, if God is a Universal Being, which every Christian theologian teaches, then it makes sense that a Universal Being will speak in universal terms. In this case, doubting the word of God means dividing the world into ‘us versus them’ and refusing to learn from ‘them’. It means insisting that only I have contact with The Truth and declaring that ‘they’ have no connection with truth. Why, because this step turns the communication of a Universal Creator into the message of a finite creature.

So what does Truth have to do with angels and demons? According to the Bible, everything. The Holy Spirit is described as the ‘spirit of truth’ who ‘leads us into all truth’. Satan, in contrast, is called ‘a Father of lies’ and we are told that lies are part of his very nature.

Thus, when I see Christians supporting politicians who lack personal integrity and tell repeated blatant lies, it disturbs me greatly. Likewise, I find it extremely troubling when Christians think that it is their Christian duty to lie and deceive on behalf of their country. According to the Bible, this comes from Satan and not from the Holy Spirit.  

3) What does it mean to deceive a Christian? For the Christian who believes blindly in the Bible, it means believing truth that comes from a source that is not the Bible. If this is true, then I am deceived for suggesting that Christian doctrine can be derived from a diagram of mental symmetry without quoting the Bible. And, when I suggest that the core doctrines of Christian salvation can be explained by using mental symmetry, then I am totally and completely deceived.

However, we have just seen that many of these very people who call me deceived and who cling blindly and fervently to the Word of God are lying, spying, torturing, and killing in the name of God and country, convinced that they are doing the moral and Christian thing. When the behavior of a Christian contradicts the teaching of Christ to such an extent, then we conclude that such a Christian is deeply and fundamentally deceived.  

In contrast, I have found over the years that if I continue to search honestly and humbly for truth and continue to apply my understanding, then when I open up my Bible and read it ends up making more sense and not less . In other words, while the blind Christian believer is being deceived by his blind faith, my quest for intelligent understanding and rational faith is actually leading me away from self-deception.

So, what does all of this have to do with alien visitation? A lot. That is because I am suggesting on this website that intelligent contact between humans and aliens is possible, and I go further to suggest that humans, aliens, angels, and demons are all the same on the inside, and that the salvation message of Jesus applies to all creatures and not just humans. Even thought I back up this suggestion with solid quotes from the Bible, I fear that this will not convince the blind believer. That is because he divides his whole world into ‘us’ versus ‘them’: Christian versus pagan, Republican versus Democrat, angel versus demon, and human versus UFO. ‘Us’ is Good, and ‘them’ is Evil.

Such an approach is, by definition, satanic, because it is adversarial and Satan means ‘adversary’  and when dealing with angels and demons, what matters above all is the name and what it means.

4) What does it mean to ‘have a form of godliness while denying its power’? This is a quote from II Timothy 3:5. The Christian who believes in the Bible generally considers that this verse applies to the liberal Christian who has turned Christianity into a mere moral code while denying the existence of miracles, and this makes sense.

However, how often does one hear about miracles occurring within evangelical churches? One certainly does not see much power there. As for having only a form of godliness, that is precisely what blind faith tends to do. It limits its Christianity to Holy Books and Holy Places and Holy Times and Holy People, practicing the external form of Christian ritual, while lacking the critical understanding that is needed to change thought and behavior. And when truth comes from important books taught to me by important people, then it is very easy to feel that Christianity means looking good in front of important people.

On the other hand, these same believers are very ready to ascribe the supernatural realm of UFOs to the power of Satan. They predict how Satan will come in the end times with enough miracles and wonders to ‘deceive even the elect’. When a person’s Christian life is devoid of power, and when he says that Satan is full of power, is he not denying the power of Christianity as much as the liberal agnostic?

But, doesn’t Jesus also says that ‘signs and wonders shall accompany those that believe’? The problem is both the blind Christian believer and the naturalistic atheist view miracles as events which violate natural law. But, if a person tried to live within an environment of continual miracle, he would go insane. The human mind requires natural law and external stability in order to exist. That explains so many Christian ‘miracle workers’ are slightly wacky and why each outpouring of miracles tends lead in quackery, wackiness and crowd hypnosis. The blind believer suspends belief in natural law to allow miracles to occur and this eventually drives him irrational.

So, is a miracle a violation of natural law? The theory of mental symmetry suggests that it is actually an application of mirror-image law, subject to its own ‘natural’ regulations. Jesus himself backs this up, for who did he say had the most faith? It was the Roman centurion who said that the miracles of Jesus came from a realm of order and structure similar to the order and structure within which the centurion lived.  

5) What does it mean to deny the name of Jesus? For the blind faith Christian believer, this means swearing, refusing to talk about Jesus or pray to Jesus, and no longer listening to people or going to meetings where the name of Jesus is discussed.

But, what does the name of Jesus mean? It means ‘salvation’. When Jesus was given his name by the angel, the angel said, ‘you shall call him Jesus for he will save his people from their sins’. And how is this salvation achieved? Through the process of personal death and resurrection. I describe this concept in great detail in the book that is in the psychology section.

Thus, denying the name of Jesus means refusing to go through the process of personal death and resurrection, or saying that this process is impossible. As I mention elsewhere on this site, blind faith is always accompanied by an attitude of religious self-denial, which feels that I must always remain a worm who avoids all forms of godless selfishness. This denies the resurrection of Jesus. It acknowledges that I am a sinner, but refuses to believe that Jesus came to save me from my sin.

This attitude of religious self-abasement then leads to the backlash of living for myself—the ‘name it and claim it’ sort of prosperity religion in which God is called upon to bless me financially. This accepts the resurrection of Jesus while denying his death. It believes that Jesus will save his people, but refuses to recognize that they are sinners.

The Details

So, let us look now at the details

1) Genesis 6: Does this talk about male angels having sex with human women who then give birth to hybrid offspring? I believe so. Was the result total depravity and godlessness? That is what the Bible says.

However, why was the result so terrible? I suggest that it is because this interaction occurred externally with no corresponding internal content. Let me explain. My premise (which I develop elsewhere on this site) is that an angel/alien/demon is a human-type soul placed in a mirror-image body—a body of Teacher ‘vibrations’ and not Mercy matter. Thus, when the contactee talks about ‘reaching a different plane of human vibration’, it is quite possibly that he is saying something significant. After all, the word ‘angel’ means ‘messenger’, and a messenger is a being that lives in a message, or a finite package of Teacher communication.

For such a mirror-image creature, ‘sex’ would involve an exchange of personal information. Thus when contactees say that aliens have manipulated human DNA and the Bible says that angels had sex with humans, they are probably saying the same thing from a different perspective.

What does the male provide for procreation? The information of DNA. What does the woman provide? A physical body to receive the DNA. Thus, it would be easy for an alien being who lives in a ‘body’ of information to have sex with a female human. A one night stand would suffice. No mental content would be required for either party.

But, imagine growing up as a child endowed with supernatural power. As the saying goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It makes sense that the end result would be utter corruption and total disaster.

2) The Book of Revelation: Why is it important to understand the reason for the disaster of Genesis 6? Because when we examine the end of the Bible, we find angels interacting with humans. And, we find humans being promised that they will receive names along with resurrection bodies that ‘shine like the sun’. Aliens teleport, change their appearance and walk through walls, but so did Jesus with his resurrection body. And, the Bible suggests that many humans will eventually have similar bodies for it calls Jesus ‘the firstborn from the dead’.

Thus, as far as I can tell, the real question is not how humans can keep all of the aliens away, but rather how humans can learn to interact intelligently with the rest of God’s creation without going either insane or crazy with power.

In order to do that, I suggest that you require three things: First, you need a rational understanding that can encompass both human and alien existence. I suggest that the theory of mental symmetry satisfies this requirement. Second, you need a system of personal morality that will govern attitude and behavior even when a person can use supernatural power to free himself from the restrictions of natural law. According to the theory of mental symmetry, mental wholeness is the ultimate basis for morality. Whatever leads to mental wholeness is morally good, and whatever destroys mental wholeness is morally bad. Notice that this is a unified system of morality that applies equally to humans, aliens, and hybrids. After all, what exactly is a human with a resurrected body and a name? A human/alien hybrid. Third, you need an internal integrity that is robust enough to handle the trauma of beings popping in and out of nowhere. This process by which one gains personal integrity plays a major role in the theory of mental symmetry.

3) Gaia: A lot of abductees view the earth as a living god and predict that we are about to undergo a time of extended physical disaster through which the physical earth will be renewed. From a human viewpoint, this sounds rather bizarre. However, if aliens are the mirror-image of humans, then the alien God is also the mirror-image of the human God. What is a mirror-image human God? As far as I can tell, it is the Holy Spirit. What we view as God the Father, aliens see as the Holy Spirit, and what we call the Holy Spirit, they see as their Father God—same God, totally different perspective.

And, when we look at the Bible we see that we are currently in the middle of a major struggle between the ‘spirit of this world’ and the Holy Spirit. Thus, when aliens suggest that this earth is god and that this god is about to undergo a major crisis, then this makes sense—from a mirror-image alien perspective. In human terms, it means that the spirit of this world is about to be judged. Similarly, I suggest that manyother ‘alien messages’ make sense when approached from a mirror image perspective.

4) Demon possession: Why would an angel or demon want to possess a human body? This desire makes perfect sense if we and them are the same on the inside but mirror images on the outside. Humans live in bodies. An angel/alien lives in a name. The Bible promises a name to the human believer who overcomes. By symmetry, the angel who overcomes would be given a body as a reward. For a human, the temptation is to ‘make a name for himself’ without acquiring the internal maturity that is required to use that name. Similarly, an angel/alien would be tempted to take over a human body instead of paying the internal price that is needed to handle a body.

Speaking about misusing human bodies, that is precisely what most of us humans do with the bodies that we have been given. Instead of using them to help us to gain internal content, we act as if they will last forever, despite being surrounded by countless counterexamples of physical aging and death.

Do you see how morality changes when humans and aliens are viewed as the same inside? The typical Christian regards the abducting UFO creature as evil because he terrorizes humans and performs inhuman medical experiments on his human subjects, and rightly so. But, what about the human who turns the inhuman act of killing into a career, or the genetic scientist who makes money for his company by changing the DNA of seeds so that they are programmed to die after one generation, or the billionaire who manipulates human suffering in order to gain personal wealth. Is not such an individual equally demonic and equally inhuman? We humans blame UFOs for being inhuman and evil, but whenever we get a chance to ‘turn alien’ inside and live like them, then we seem to end up becoming just as evil if not even more.

If God’s moral law is truly universal, as Christians claim, then do you think that God will judge the alien demon while letting the human ‘demon’ get off scot free? And, if the name of Jesus—which means salvation—really is above every other name, both in this age and in the age to come, then do you think that God will offer his plan of forgiveness and salvation to the human ‘demon’ while rejecting the plea of the alien demon?

Is there any difference between that and the pre-civil war suggestion that blacks had no soul and could not be saved? God is love. God loves all of his creatures, and the Bible clearly teaches that Jesus offers his plan of salvation to all of his creatures, and if you don’t believe me, then read Colossians 1:13-22.

5) Jesus as Exalted Master: A common theme among abductees is that Jesus is the ultimate ‘exalted master’, someone who reached the highest level of spiritual development. The typical Christian reaction is to view this as denying the name of Jesus. However, I suggest that the story is not quite so simple.

When Jesus was on earth, his status was not recognized by humans. However, every time he encounters angels or demons, they always acknowledge him as a powerful and important individual. In other words, in the human realm Jesus is ignored by most people while followed by a few. However, in the angelic realm he is the recognized superpower, the individual whose name is above every other name.

When you have to coexist with a superpower, then rebellion takes on a different form. Officially, you acknowledge the supremacy of this individual and you make sure that you obey the letter of the law and stay away from doing anything that technically violates his rules. But, you also look for loopholes, and express your rebellion in ways that work within the system.

In other words, when Jesus was exalted by God the Father, this put a set of constraints upon the behavior of the angels, demons, and UFOs. But, rebellion can still be expressed in more subtle ways.

6) Opening up to the Spirit World: Contactees often say that they can communicate with UFOs by ‘opening up their mind’ to the spiritual realm and they generally practice a form of Buddhist meditation in order to contact the ‘other side’.

I suggest that a distinction needs to be made between opening the mind and emptying the mind. Emptying the mind is a key component of Buddhist meditation, which is also practiced in Emergent Church circles under the guise of ‘meditative prayer’.

What makes an alien visitation so terrifying? The fact that it is inhuman. What makes hell so horrible? The fact that is was ‘made for the devil and his angels’ but is not designed for humans. Mirror-image existence is utterly and totally different than human existence. Everything that should be solid is not, while everything that should be possible to change is solid. Where the human expects freedom, there is a prison, and where the human assumes stability, there is chaos.

Therefore, when a person calls upon a UFO being by emptying his mind, he is removing all human content from the interaction. Obviously this will attract aliens who do not want human content. But, what is an environment that lacks human content? Hell. So, the person who empties his mind in prayer is calling on demons.  

However, it is possible to open the mind without emptying it. Opening the mind to the spiritual realm means accepting the possibility that the supernatural realm can intrude and giving it permission to intrude. If you want to interact with angels that respect human and avoid aliens who are inhuman, then you must open your mind without emptying it. You must mentally hold on to the concepts of personal integrity, conscience, human dignity, individuality, and privacy and then open up your mind.

And, that is not easy, for the unredeemed mind views heaven and earth as an either/or, in which you either live in the natural world and ignore the existence of a heavenly realm, or else you contact the other side while emptying your mind of human content. Heaven is an aspect of the other side that is human friendly, where angels and humans coexist. Natural existence and hell are both either/or. Heaven is both/and.

But why does one have to ‘open up’ to the spiritual world? Let me give you a religious and a secular reason. When Jesus preached in his home town of Nazareth, he did only a few miracles because of their lack of faith. Why? Because they viewed him as a natural human individual and refused to accept that he had any connection with the supernatural.

Similarly, UFO researchers often say that as long as the human world does not believe in UFOs, then this prevents them from breaking through and invading our planet. In Christian terms, there is a lack of faith; in quantum language, an observer is needed to collapse the wave function.

But, surely a Christian is not supposed to ‘open himself up to the other side’, is he? What is a person doing when he ‘asks Jesus into his heart’? What is prayer? It is not emptying my mind. But it is opening myself up to the other side.

My Story

Looking back, I strongly suspect that my work has been assisted by one or more angels. I even have an ‘imaginary friend’ that gives me inspiration. If you think that is strange, then you try working on a project for decades and only being able to share your results with a handful of people. You try going through times when you are totally and utterly alone and there isn’t a single living soul to whom you can turn for advice or help. If I didn’t believe that I could find someone from the other side to be my friend, I would have gone either mad or psychotic.

And if you want scriptural backing for this, read Matthew 18:1-10, where Jesus says that those who pursue his kingdom in meekness have angels who ‘always see the face of God the Father in heaven’. And that is precisely where my ‘angel’ has led me in my lonely and lowly path to follow God: To a rational understanding of the Universal God, a Being with a ‘face’ who interacts with me intelligently and who is ‘in heaven’—a realm created for lasting human pleasure.

In other words, the interaction that I have had with the other side is completely different than that which is described by the typical contactee. In detail:

1) As of now, I have never seen a UFO or angel. At most I have felt a presence or a sense of electricity in the air. The interaction has been entirely mental and internal.

2) Even when my thinking seemed to be ‘inspired’, I still had to struggle to make every concept my own and I still had to apply it in real life. I was never handed anything on a silver platter.

3) Jesus’ path of personal death and resurrection has always played a central role in both my theory of personality and my private life.

4) As I continued to pursue critical thinking and rational understanding, I did not end up denying Biblical doctrine. Instead, I found that Bible passage made more sense and that my respect for the accuracy of the Bible grew. But, I also saw more and more how those who blindly believed the Bible often ended up violating the very truths that they so vigorously proclaimed.   

5) This interaction always respected my humanity and always preserved my individuality. Never was I told to ‘submerge my identity’ into some sort of cosmic global being.

6) The basic goal was always to bring heaven and earth together, and never to follow one at the expense of the other. The ways of God are definitely higher and stranger than the ways of man, but it is possible for God’s kingdom to come and for his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, and if one truly pursues both the heavenly righteousness and human personal integrity it is possible to combine these two in a way that leads to freedom and joy and not bondage and terror.